Saturday 18 January 2020

In love with beautiful women

It has to be said women are beautiful. The female form is that of a striking figure and what generally goes with the figure is a nurturing soul.

I have met some of the most beautiful women on the planet. When I say beautiful I don't necessarily mean purely cosmetic, for the women I am on about their beauty runs far deeper. Yes, I know many cosmetically, easy on the eye women but I know women who not only have that external beauty but they have so much more. 

We have all heard of the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "Beauty is skin deep" and I stand by these statements. They are beautiful to me, maybe not to you but to me they are sensational. 

The women I am talking about are beautiful to me both inside and out. There is a very small percentage of women that I truly believe fall into both categories. Beautiful inside and out but to me those women are legendary. Goddesses if you like.

They are a breed of women that are few and far between. The ones that go the extra mile, their smiles and laughter light up the room. Their warmth is radiated where ever they go. They give others time and reassurance even if they are struggling to keep their own lives in check from feeling overwhelmingly busy. Nothing is too much trouble.

Other women envy them, men generally want to shag them. Yet these knockouts rarely know their own worth. 

I have probably met a handful or two of these rare species in my adulthood. And it is those women I admire the most.

These women are strong women and don't let a knock or two get them down for too long. They not only provide emotional and financial support to their loved ones but offer good humour and experiences some people never get. I don't mean always providing materialistic things either. I mean encouragement, support, teaching and enabling their loved ones to indulge into the world of creativity.

Being creative, to me, is probably one of the key concepts in life. By that I don't mean you have to be a dab hand with an art brush or be able to write music.  Although those things to are amazing. I am talking about something much deeper than that. Allowing themselves and their loved ones to grow through expressing themselves in unconventional ways. To me that is beauty right there.

They allow their loved ones to express themselves in any form of creativity they can and they certainly don't hold them back if it is somewhat different to the social norm. Their lives are meaningful and full of life and colour, albeit if sometimes they are struggling themselves and in despair.

These women manage to provide this for their loved ones whilst holding together their own demons in life and still rock up looking fabulous. Nothing seems to phase them.

I salute these beautiful specimens and only wish that they could look into the mirror and see what I see.

These women never give up hope in their busy lives yet still apply the eyeliner and lippy even as the tears have fallen.

I wish more women could be like this. Naturally not giving a damn about what others think of them because as women we are always seeking validity from others but these women just get on with it. With out even thinking about what they are doing. 

They shine from head to toe, inside and out and always look pretty cool in what they are wearing, even though they have just pulled their clothes from the bottom of a pile of washing on the floor and given it a quick smell to see if another day of wearing it is ok. Yet they look stunning.

I am in love with these women.

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