Wednesday 7 September 2022

Van life!

I've been with the love of my life for over 12 months now, and my god she is a beauty!

I have wanted to travel and own a camper van since the tender age of 14 when I was first introduced to an “alternative” lifestyle. Sadly, I have never been able to follow this alternative dream until last year, then finally I decided to go for it!

I quit my job with the NHS July 2021, after over 25 years devoting my time to them and went fully freelance for a while as a mental health therapist. I then found a mental health company who I love and am now employed as a fully remote worker minus the odd business trip to Cambridge and London and now I can finally live my dream. 

I got rid of my car and bought a van – I got it done up and converted it to become a home on wheels!

For over the last 12 months – I have travelled about the UK in her and I am able to work and play with that perfect balance.

She sees me through all weather, rain or shine – summer or winter. I have met some interesting characters along my way and made some incredible memories. 

My mum’s side of the family live in Wales, somewhere I spent my childhood holidays – so visit them frequently.

I can devote my spare time to my hobbies of hiking, stand up paddle boarding and climbing whilst under the stars in my little home! 

I work many long hours – but somehow it seems worth it being able to have the freedom of going wherever I like, whenever I like.

Transitioning from a car to van was somewhat amusing and it did take a few weeks to master reversing out of tight spaces with limited/restricted view but with perseverance and patience and what can only be described as Austin Power moves, I can successfully navigate out of peculiar places! 

I am a free bird and although having to work – I have very few ties to hold me back from living my dream. An alternative lifestyle whilst still being financially stable is very full filling! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Next, I need to be able to feel confident driving on the other side of the road so that I can take my travels whilst working even further!

 I am truly grateful; I finally have the work life balance I could only dream of. I hope to make so many more memories in my beautiful campervan. 

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