Sunday 8 May 2022

Badly timed dog cam moments...

It was the afternoon of the 1st of January 2020 and I was relaxing in a yurt in the middle of the Forest of Dean. I'd spent an evening meeting new people on my solo new years retreat. I was happy and relaxed, I'd bought the new year in with my special French/Portuguese friend chatting over the phone whilst he was driving through the Spanish mountains from portugal back home to Paris. Life was good. 

It struck me that my new lodger, who'd only been living with me about 4 weeks had been home alone and although he didn't seem the sort to have a wild party whilst I was away I wanted to check my precious home was still standing. 

Luckily, I had a security/pet camera installed in my living room which linked directly to my phone enabling me to see and hear a live feed.

The lodger knew of said camera so was aware I could access it at any time. It sat quite clearly in line with the television so could view the entire living space. The couch was opposite.....

I decided I wanted to double check all was how it should be, after all he had only been living with me for a month and going on my experience of my previous lodger who ran off with my keys thought I'd be a fool not to look. 

The powers that be were not on my side because at that very moment of tuning in, I wished I hadn't. I was blinded by what I saw for the couple of seconds it took me to realise what was actually happening.....

There sat bang in front of the camera, with what I can only describe as the sounds of an adult nature coming from the TV, which sat next to the camera, was my lodger throwing his head back, his d**k in one hand and tissue on the arm of the chair. 

As if at that very moment heaven was on his mind and hell was in mine.

I don't think I've ever put my phone down so quickly. It was disgusting. 

Now I'm all for adults pleasuring themselves and acknowledge it as a healthy behaviour but I'm unsure as to why when he knew the camera was a live feed he would choose to do that sat bang in front of it? 

I am curious as to why he couldn't do it in his own bedroom in private? Doing it in front of a camera knowing it is linked to my phone is somewhat of a risk.

I felt a little violated and it is something that I really wish to this day I could unsee! Not an attractive sight I'm telling you. 

I spoke to my friends about it, some asked if I would question him , some joked and said I could bribe him with video footage! Neither of which I wanted to do. I never said a word. My friends and family thought he must be an odd ball to sit in front of a live camera and do what he did. 

I did struggle to look him in the eye for a while and at times wanted to throw it in his face when he had left his pubic hair and soap scum in the shower tray again. He wasn't the cleanest of boys and rarely even changed his bedsheets but I never mentioned what I'd unfortunately had to witness. In fact I was very dubious about ever checking in on the house for a while.

It was a strange and pretty gross experience and one I hope to god I will never have to encounter again. 

Since then said lodger has moved out but the camera continues to role.....

Footage is footage. The camera NEVER lies, people do! 


  1. Pure fiction. As usual.

  2. Why would anyone write a blog about this? Creepy and weird.