Sunday 31 December 2023

If I were a plant....

If sadness and misfortune helps you to grow, I feel stunted from growing too fast for far too long.... 

If I was a plant I'd have outgrown my pot and my room. My leaves and stems would be browning, splitting, breaking and snapping from having nowhere to spread. I'd be doubling over. My roots would be squashed unable to breathe, tangled within itself, drowning in stagnant water. Unsteady from every flow of air from the open window. I would no longer grow as I would have no space left to do it. I would be weakening, no longer strong, nothing to hold me up and steady me. I would be longing to burst out of the pot just to survive.

How do plants break free from a tiny pot and continue to thrive?...

It takes perseverance, care, love, commitment and time.

Is it easier and less hassle to allow the messy disheveled plant to stay contained in a room in a pot too small which would lead the plant to eventually die off and shrivel?.. Perhaps. 

For that plant it just wasn't meant to be? 

Nurtured plants with less sadness wouldn't grow so unruly, as they would be pruned and re potted, spoken to gently, watered and fed. Their roots would not be squashed, those plants would be growing only to the size of their pots. Their leaves would shine and be undamaged.

I guess it is obvious that neglected plants are far more unmanageable and out of control whilst nurtured plants grow neat and in proportion, being cared and tendered to by a loving hand. 

All the out of control plant requires is a bit of tender loving care....

I just want to be a regular sized plant in a regular pot

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